Windsor Bridge Replacement

Georgiou secured the contract to construct the Windsor Bridge Replacement Project for Transport for New South Wales in Sydney’s northwest in late 2018.

The new bridge, with two lanes southbound and one northbound, complements upgraded intersections on both sides of the Hawkesbury River and is located 35 metres downstream of the existing Windsor Bridge. Originally built for horse-drawn vehicles and foot traffic in 1874, the current Windsor Bridge is used by more than 19,000 vehicles daily and has reached the end of its project life.

Athassel was involved with Georgiou at tender stage developing possible methodologies for the placement of the twin SCL potable pipelines, recycled pipeline and stormwater pipeline on the bridge. The chosen methodology was for Athassel to install the pipe from brackets attached to the underside of the bridge progressively as the bridge was being constructed and extended across the Hawksbury River.

The scope of works included

  • 440m of bridge crossing dual OD 419mm Sintakote SCL potable water welded pipe
  • 220m OD 419mm Sintakote SCL potable water,
  • 220m of 337mm Sintakote SCL fully welded recycled water bridge crossing
  • 150m of 337mm Sintakote SCL fully welded recycled water
  • 50m of DN355mm PE recycled water
  • 287m of DN90mm PE sewer rising main
  • 256m of DN160 PE sewer rising main bridge crossing
  • 220m of 300mm stormwater with scupper connections to the bridge surface level.
  • 100mm watermain connection to Macquarie Park
  • Hydrostatic and compaction testing to Sydney Water standards
  • Connection to existing watermain and house connections

The complexities of the job included lifting, bracketing and welding the pipes in place underneath the bridge without the aid of engine driven lifting equipment, working above and adjacent to Hawkesbury River, working around live traffic, traffic switches, pedestrian management, working in and around high voltage electricity, high pressure gas and fibre optic cables.

Project Info

Client: Georgiou Group

Description: Athassel Civil was engaged by Georgiou Group on behalf of Transport for New South Wales to carry out works for the construction of the New Windsor Bridge.