Greendale Creek Rehabilitation

Objectives of the Greendale Creek Rehabilitation Project were to improve lagoon water quality and habitat, create a favourable environment for flora and fauna and an attractive area for passive recreation.

The scope of works involved

  • Creek rehabilitation,
  • Timber bridge construction,
  • Timber viewing platform construction
  • Dredging,
  • Timber pile construction
  • Rock weir and fishway,
  • Bicycle path construction
  • Planting of native vegetation
  • Potable water relocation

The complexities of the job included working with recreational park users, building a sandstone weir across Curl Curl lagoon inlet, draining Curl Curl lagoon to enable works to proceed.

Winner of National Case Earth Award 2001 for Environmental Excellence for projects <2 million.

Project Info

Client: Warringah Council

Description: Athassel Civil was engaged by Warringah Council to regrade and landscape creek banks, construct a weir, pond and a bridge.

Value: N/A