Desalination Plant, Kurnell

Sydney Desalination Plant is part of the New South Wales Government’s plan to ensure a secure and affordable water supply system for Greater Sydney. Desalination is one of the ways we can meet water demand when we’re faced with a prolonged drought as it does not rely on rainfall.

Athassel’s scope for this works included

  • 40m of 2200mm suction header pipeline, excavate and place shoring where required, place sand and cement, compaction testing and safety fencing
  • 20m each of twin 1400mm SCL suction pipe
  • 40m of 1400mm pipe, inclusive of craneage
  • 110m of 1800mm delivery pipeline (from outlet manifold at pumphouse to delivery main pit inlet)
  • 4 x 750mm off-take pipes from the 1800mm
  • 30m of 1200mm purge pipeline
  • 7m section of pipe downstream of delivery main pit.
  • Flow meter pits x 2, delivery main pit, purge pit
  • Hydrostatic and compaction testing to Sydney Water standards

The complexities of the job included excavating, dewatering and shoring in sand, craneage of large pipes, valves and fittings and working around other contractors.

Project Info

Client: Blue Water Joint Venture

Description: Athassel Civil was engaged by Blue Water Joint Venture to carry out works on the new Sydney Desalination Plant in Kurnell.  The Desalination Plant is capable of providing up to 30% of Sydney’s water supply.