M2 Upgrade

The M2 Upgrade project reduced congestion in peak periods, improve access to major growth areas, and provide new bus priority access. The M2 Upgrade project included Additional eastbound lane from Windsor Road to Pennant Hills Road. Additional eastbound lane from Pennant Hills Road through M2 Tunnel to Lane Cove Road, which includes a T2 lane east of Terrys Creek. Work to widen lanes from Lane Cove Road to Beecroft Road. Additional westbound lane from Beecroft Road to Pennant Hills Road.

Athassel Civil was engaged by Leighton Contractors

The scope of works included

  • Construction of 6km of stormwater drainage arranging in size from 375mm to 1200mm
  • Saw-cutting and rock hammering of rock in the m2 median strip
  • Placement of approx. 240 precast pits
  • Rock hammering the eastbound lane in the Beecroft tunnel

The complexities of the job included working around live traffic in the median of the M2, traffic switches, saw-cutting and excavating rock in a narrow corridor in the M2 median

Project Info

Client: Leighton Contractors

Description: Athassel Civil was engaged by Leighton Contractors