Athassel Civil is a Sydney Water accredited major constructor with the following sewer capabilities, Sewer Reticulation and Sewer Rising main, with S2 listing.

PROJECT: Richmond Rail Line Duplication Project CLIENT: Richmond Line AllianceDESCRIPTION: Construction of 110mm and 160mm PE sewer mains, access chambers and vent shafts, 250mm to 500mm watermains, stormwater drainage and HV conduits.VALUE: $2 million

PROJECT: Australand, Stephen Rd, Banksmeadow CLIENT: Ward Civil and Environmental EngineeringDESCRIPTION: Construction of 300m of 225mm sewer pipelines up to 6m deep in sand, inclusive of concrete encasement, stormwater drainage and water mains.VALUE: $515 000

PROJECT: Georges River Program CLIENT: Walter Construction Group for Sydney WaterDESCRIPTION: Laying of RCP and GRP sewer pipes ranging from 450mm to 1800mm, access chambers and associated works.VALUE: $2.23 million

PROJECT: North West Transit Way, Kellyville CLIENT: Leighton ContractorsDESCRIPTION: Construction of 450mm sewer mains, stormwater drainage and 100mm to 600mm water mains and installation of various sized GPTs.VALUE: $3 million

PROJECT: Jemena, Rosehill Recycled Water /Fairfield Remediation Project CLIENT: Ward Civil and Environmental EngineeringDESCRIPTION: Construction of 225mm PVC sewer, inclusive of concrete encasement, access chambers and stormwater drainage.VALUE: $160 000

PROJECT: Wallacia Sewage Program CLIENT: Priority Sewerage Program Alliance TeamDESCRIPTION: Construction of 150mm PVC sewer, access chambers and reinstatement of residential properties.VALUE: $250 000

PROJECT: Illawarra Central Zone CLIENT: Sewerfix Wet Weather AllianceDESCRIPTION: Construction of sewer mains ranging from 225mm to 1500mm RCP and associated manholes, reinstatement of roads and parksVALUE: $6.3 million

PROJECT: Northern Beaches Local Solutions CLIENT: Sewerfix Wet Weather AllianceDESCRIPTION: Laying of 300m of 300mm and 375mm PVC pipe and construction of manholesVALUE: $478 000