Athassel Civil Pty Ltd has proven experience in creek rehabilitation and wetland construction and associated works including rock armouring, weirs and dredging.

Athassel Civil Pty Ltd was the National winners of the 2001 Case Earth Award for Environmental Excellence for works completed at Greendale Creek for Warringah Council.

PROJECT: Greendale Creek Rehabilitation CLIENT: Warringah CouncilDESCRIPTION: Creek rehabilitation, timber bridge and viewing platform construction, dredging, rock weir, fish way, bicycle path construction, turfing and planting of native vegetation.VALUE: $750 000

Winner of National Case Earth Award 2001 for Environmental Excellence

PROJECT: Whites Creek Wetland CLIENT: Leichhardt CouncilDESCRIPTION: Construction of clay- lined wetland, inclusive of rock armouring, native planting, turfing and stormwater pump station.VALUE: $180 000

PROJECT: Hammondville Reserve CLIENT: Liverpool City CouncilDESCRIPTION: Construction of clay-lined wetland, rock armouring, weirs, stormwater drainage, screening of topsoil, turfing and planting of native vegetation.VALUE: $320 000